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Cover the COVID-19 Crisis at Home With Qualified Caregivers

We offer multi-patient discounts for clients in the same home.

What Are the Cost?

Please call our office at A Better Alternative Nursing Agency, Inc. in Cambridge, Maryland for questions about the rates of our services. We offer multi-patient discounts for clients in the same home.

*The cost may change due to location and insurance.

  • Personal Assisted Care - $22-$33 per Hour
*All personal care cases at home has a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Sitter With Confused Patient - $25-$35 per Hour
  • Certified Nursing Assistants, Geriatric Nursing Assistants, and Medical Technologists
    • Per Hour - $24-$33

    • Per Patient - $27
    • Couple (Husband and Wife) - $25-$35 per Hour
  • Intermittent Nurse Visits - $175 per Visit (Insurance Paid)
  • Wound Care - $150 per Visit (Insurance Paid)
  • Patient Education - $65 per Hour
Long-Term Live-In - $250 per Day
         *Long term is more than 2 weeks.
  • Short-Term and Weekend Live-In - $300 per Day
             *Short term is less than 2 weeks. It may also apply as a substitute for regular long term caregivers on their regular days off.
  • Case Management Services - $150 for Supervising Nurse Visit or Intermittent Visit
                *This is a fee for registered nurse and skilled caregiver.
  • Initial Registered Nurse Admission for Skilled Care
Workers’ Compensation Assessment - $200
      *This is an intermittent visit fee for initial evaluation and plan.
      *We do free evaluations.

  • Private Duty Nursing/Ventilator Case - $250Skilled Private Duty Registered Nurse - $125-$150 per Hour
            * This is for initial interview, admission assessment, and care plan development.
  • Skilled Private Duty Registered Nurse - $125-$150 per Hour
    • Ventilator Care Patients
    • Wound Care
    • IV Infusion
    • Blood Draws
    • And More…
  • Hospice Private Duty Care
    • Registered Nurse - $100 per Hour (RN)
    • Licensed Practical Nurse: $65 per Hour
  • Skilled Licensed Practical Nurse (Private Duty) - $55 per Hour

We accept Medicaid, private pay, and most insurance, including long-term care insurance.

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