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A Better Alternative Nursing Agency, INC.

A Better Alternative Nursing Agency, Inc 

 Baltimore City, Eastern Shore, and most of Maryland's counties

To complete this application process and prior to working, you will need to complete the following requirements and fax copies and the completed documents to : 1-888-615-0177. (1) Current CPR card, and First-Aide card, (if applicable), (2) Copy of recent physical or fit for duty statement from doctor to include T.B. test or chest x-ray (3) Two forms of state identification such as, drivers license, social security card, passport, (this will cover for both I.D.'s), birth certificate, state I.D. card, (4) Copy of Criminal background check, (if available), (5) Two professional references, (if available), (6) (If hired), Completed copy of W-4 form for tax withholdings, ( download this form, print it, and completely fill it in with your deductions, from the following website, http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf ), (7) Voided check, (for direct deposit if hired). (8) You must also be willing to submit to random drug screening. After receiving the required documents we will call you to set up a face to face interview. Please sign if you have read, understood and agreed to the application completion process. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-888-615-0177.

Thank You for contacting us. We will get back with you within the next 24-48 business hours . We are currently having ongoing training and hiring sessions, and we will contact you by phone or email to confirm possible meeting times .Please feel free to call us with any questions . Prior to being hired you will be required to submit the following documents:

-TB test results
- CPR card
- Criminal background check
(Done by ABA)
-Medication & Agency required Exam
-2 forms of required ID
- W-4 form
- Complete an in-house orientation
- 2 References
- Board of Nursing Certification
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A Better Alternative Nursing Agency
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