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A Better Alternative Nursing Agency, INC.

A Better Alternative Nursing Agency, Inc 

Employment Opportunities (personal & senior Care)

A Better Alternative Nursing Agency is a Maryland based company receiving global influence in regards to how we administer care in the home.  A Better Alternative Nursing Agency is a fun loving company with high expectations of our employees, requiring exceptional and trustworthy care from each professional placed in our customer's homes.   We incorporate the most current techniques and practices for the home-care profession, used both nationally and internationally, to enhance and enrich the quality of life for our clients, and our dedicated workers. A Better Alternative Nursing Agency offers bonuses and incentives when care is beyond exception . We hire only the best care-givers in the industry.  If this is you and you are committed to deliver care with excellence and you can prove it, please apply,  we would love to add you to our fantastic group of health care workers 

Our workers range from Critical Skills care- IV's. Vents, Wound care, VAD, etc. to minor unskilled service to our patients.

You must agree to a complete criminal background and in depth reference check.

Go to our application site, follow the directions and submit the application.  We will call you to set up an in person interview.  We look forward to meeting you.

Employment Opportunities

We have current opening for Medicaid Independent care-givers with clients they caring for.  We work with the Support planning in assisting to get you and your client under our Agency.


COMPANION CAREGIVER (consist of the following):

  • Laundry Conversation 
  • Housekeeping
  • Games 
  • Meals
  • Home monitoring (including TV, Phone, and Deliveries)
  • Letter Writing
  • Appointment Setting
  • Pet and Plant Care
  • Bathing, Personal Hygiene, and Grooming
  • Escort to Appointments
  • Personal Fitness Companion
  • Social Activities Companion
  • Incontinence Care
  • Blood Pressure and Glucose Monitoring
  • Level 1 medication distribution and monitoring (AM and PM medication reminding and assistance)

Certified Nursing Assistants Needed

Geriatric Nursing Assistants Needed

**Some clients  may require companion services from State Certified CNA, GNA, or CMA

OPENINGS FOR RN'S AND LPN'S (in the following areas of expertise)

  • Pain Management
  • Medication Management
  • Injections
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Skilled Assessments
  • Symptom Control
  • Nurse Liason
  • Ventilator Patients (requiring 24 hour Private Duty, 8 or 12 hour shifts)
  • Nursing Advocate
  • Care Plan Management
  • Workplace Flu Shot Distribution
  • Diabetic Education
  • Medicine Education
  • In-Home or Hospital Private Duty Nursing  (requiring 24 hour Private Duty, 8 or 12 hour shifts)
State License for LPN or RN is required

A Better Alternative Nursing Agency
Critical Skills Care- IVs, Vents, Wound Care, VAD etc.
Personal & Senior Care
Personal and senior care
Private Duty Nursing
RNs, LPNs, CNAs, GNAs, Sitters and Med-Techs
Skilled & Unskilled Care