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A Better Alternative Nursing Agency, INC.

A Better Alternative Nursing Agency, Inc 

Health care in  Maryland's counties, Baltimore City, and Eastern Shore, MD,

                                                MISSION STATEMENT                                                       

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of in-home personal and skilled health care for clients, in the comfort and privacy of their very own homes.




We believe every individual should be offered the alternative to stay at home where they feel loved, safe and familiar, for as long as they possibly can regardless of their medical condition.

                                                   GUIDING VISION                                                                          

  A Better Alternative Nursing Agency is a RN owned and operated business. It was developed in response to a personal need for in-home health care for the  Founder's mother-in-law, an Eastern Shore of Maryland resident. The search for an appropriate loving, skilled and trustworthy caregiver turned out to be a difficult and stressful experience.  It was extremely important to keep her mother-in-law at home to avoid hospital acquired infections, as well as loneliness and a sense of separation for the patient and family.  Oftentimes the owner, due to her extensive nursing experience, would have to speak to the hospital staff regarding the lack of care expected, and errors experienced in the hospitals. Realizing that sometimes the nurse-to-patient ratio's do not always allow nurses to give the best care, the owner wanted her family member to be cared for at home.

The mission which guides "A Better Alternative Nursing Agency," grew out of our Owner's  personal experience with the types of situations in which most of our clients and their families find themselves in as it relates to being hospitalized when they really desire to be cared for at home.


In the  midst of this personal crisis, the owner realized that there were other families on the Eastern Shore who were also undergoing similar difficulties and pain.   Consequently,  this experience created a crusade targeting  reliable in-home-care for the elderly and others by the owner.


A Better Alternative Nursing Agency was conceived and envisioned afterwards in response to this need.  ABA brings a personal understanding to your situation because it was born  as the result of  a family crisis. We know first hand the stress and anxiety of providing long-term care for a loved one, as well as the importance of the Nurse Advocate in assisting with obtaining the best use of the health care system and it's resources.  Our loved ones are our greatest treasure, and they should be cared for like they are!



A Better Alternative Nursing Agency
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Personal and Senior Care
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